Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Let's hear their voices

     Now, is November and i can feel the presence of Christmas.December is near and i can feel it.
For me,the meaning of Christmas is sharing and loving.This Christmas season some of Filipino cannot celebrate like the typhoon victims.All they need for now is shelter,food,clothes and etc.And all we can do is to help them,share what we have.

  Now that Christmas is near,there's a question in my mind.Can we have a Christmans Party after that tragedy? My answer is no.Why?Because after what happen can we still celebrate Christmas.We can see how they suffer.So for me,it's a No .We can celebrate Christmas by helping them,  sharing what we have cause that's the true meaning of Christmas for me.
  They need our help and helping them will make us happy.Maybe for us this is a small things but for them this is a big thing.

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